Monday, January 12

Harry Potter and the long cold winter

So I started re-reading all the Harry Potter books on the first day of winter, thinking, 'reading all the Harry Potter books again will be a fine way to pass the winter.' Three weeks in, and I'm through the first four books and yesterday started year five, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. It's a pretty fun way to spend these long cold dark (sometimes snowy) winter nights, speed reading about Harry, Ron, Hermoine and their many adventures with Hagrid, Dumbledore, Malfoy, Snape, He-Who-Cannot-Be-Named and the others.

I've read the books before, of course, and seen the five movies too. (In fact, over New Year's, we watched the first four again, two each night, back to back.) Then again, the first time I read them I was reading them aloud to my then-little children, and to my then mid-sized children. K and I took turns reading the books at night to the kids, so parts I read, parts I listened to, parts I missed, and parts I had to re-read alone to catch-up, and then too there was a year or two between books, waiting for Ms. Rowling to write them.

This time, I'm just racing through them (well, as fast as I can, which admittedly isn't that fast). And while it's pretty fun to read them like this, it's also a bit bittersweet, since, y'know, my children aren't listening this time, they're no longer little, and they're both likely to be out of the house and off to college in 18 months.


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